# Getting started

# Installation

You can download the latest version of Shosetsu by clicking either of the above buttons or by going to the GitHub releases (opens new window) page.

When you've completed the download, click the shosetsu-v#.##.##.apk file and proceed with installing it.

# Opening the application

Upon opening the application, you will be prompted with the Shosetsu splash screen, then the introduction.

  1. Click the -> button, and read the information
  2. When prompted for permissions, Please allow.
  3. Finish the introduction

Now you are in the applications main interface, on the bottom you will see four buttons. "Library", "Updates", "Browse", "More".

We will focus on "Browse" and "Library" for now, head over to the "Browse" view by clicking the icon.

In this view, you should see numerous choices, and a download icon on the right of them.

Upon downloading your choice of extension, open it up by clicking it.

Congrats, if all went well you are prompted with your first novel list.

You can now select the novel you find appealing, and click it, then add it to your library via the heart icon.

Now you can go back and back to your library, and find it there for future reading.

Enjoy the app!